Dundee Wealth Management

Dundee Wealth Management emerged in response to the changing opportunities in Canada’s financial services industry. The company has grown into one of Canada’s leading wealth management companies to date.

Dundee’s organizational structure is such that each division was created to capitalize on a specific financial services segment. This specialization allows each division to focus on its strengths and to provide professional expertise to the entire company.

By hiring only the most highly qualified people, Dundee Wealth Management offers comprehensive investment advice from a team of ‘Blue-Chip’ Experts. Dundee’s strength lies in our ability to offer the best financial products and services to our customers. By employing professionals who share this high standard, Dundee Wealth Management will continue to build on this success.

Dundee Wealth Management manages and administers more than $16.5 billion of financial assets, while employing over 1,000 people. There’s strength behind those numbers.